Superintendents and the Science of Influence

What is the science of influence all about?

Turkeys, red robins, and many other animals respond in almost robotic fashion to triggers. As members of the animal kingdom, it should come as no surprise that we humans also respond to triggers.  Understanding these triggers is the key to the science of influence.

Here are several fascinating examples of influence triggers in action: 


It's a well-known principle that people like to have a reason. A reason helps people make a decision and justify their action. That's why the word "Because" has such a powerful effect,  even when misused. 


According to the manufacturer, defective coupons are as effective as the real thing. "Coupon" triggers "Savings" even if there aren't any.


If you've ever wondered about that fly at the bottom of the urinal, this clip is for you.

Influence triggers are an evolutionary godsend (oxymoron?). If it weren't for these shortcuts, humankind would not survive. Here's why:

Dr. Robert Cialdini is to the science of modern persuasion what Henry Ford is to automobiles. He basically invented it. 

This is not pop science. Through hundreds of controlled tests, scientist now understand what influences people to say "yes" to requests of all kinds.

Case Studies & Examples