My Plan for the New Consortium Video Series

I've been commissioned to produce a series of videos that highlights the experiences of superintendents AASA consortium attendees. FYI the School Superintendent's Association (aka AASA) offers about a dozen consortiums: Digital Consortium, Urban School Superintendent, Female Superintendents, and more.

Right up front I made the decision to follow a set format for these videos.  I did this for two reasons:  the rigidity of the structure will save me from wasting time reinventing each superintendent's profile.  In an effort to be creative, I have a tendency towards that.  Second, consistency across output equate to professionalism.  Variations equals amateur-hour.

So s limiting structure helps restrain me from my time-wasting instincts to 'be creative' and give viewers something new with each video.  It's a horrible inclination that wastes a heck of a lot of time.  And boring consistency equals professionalism.

The format I chose to follow is Challenge – Vision – Solution:

  • Challenge: what specific problem situation did the superintendent or district face?
  • Vision:  what was the superintendent’s vision for how he/she would like things to be?
  • Solution: how did participation in the consortium help achieve that vision?

Here's a first draft version.  The subject is Dr. Luvelle Brown, Superintendent of Ithaca City Schools (NY).  He was recently awarded New York State Superintendent of the Year for 2017. Enjoy.